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Sunwise is the leading solar installation company in Erie, PA. See how our team can save you money while promoting a green future.

Solar Install

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Erie, PA Solar Installation Incentives Update: The 2022 Inflation Reduction Act has increased the Incentive Tax Credit (ITC) for Pennsylvania residents, making solar installation more affordable. This federal enhancement, combined with other state and local incentives, offers substantial financial benefits to Erie homeowners considering solar energy. Take advantage of these opportunities to lower energy costs and support a sustainable future.

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Green Living

Sustainable, Valuable Homes

Reduce your home’s dependence on the grid with a solar installation in Erie, PA. Generate your own clean energy and enjoy the independence from utility companies and fluctuating energy prices. By producing your own power, you can ensure a consistent energy supply and potentially even sell back excess electricity to the grid. This not only secures your energy autonomy but also provides a potential source of income, maximizing your financial benefits.



Sunwise Energy works with top experts to give you lots of ways to pay for your solar projects. We make sure each project fits what you want. Our team will guide you through how to get these deals and save the most money, all while planning for what you’ll need later on.


  • Installing solar panels can reduce your electricity bills, increase your property value, and decrease your carbon footprint.

Savings vary based on your energy use and the size of your solar system, but many homeowners see significant reductions in their monthly bills.

Yes, homeowners can benefit from federal tax credits, Pennsylvania-specific incentives, and possibly local rebates.

  • Yes, through net metering, you can sell unused energy back to the grid, earning credits on your utility bill.
  • Yes, solar panels can still generate power on cloudy days, though efficiency may be reduced compared to sunny days.
  • Solar panels typically last 20 to 30 years, with some lasting even longer.
  • Solar panels require minimal maintenance, usually just occasional cleaning and an annual check-up.
  • Contact us for a consultation, we’ll design your system, install your panels, and help you start saving.
  • Solar energy reduces reliance on fossil fuels, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and contributes to a cleaner environment.

Own a Home in Erie?

Research shows that homes in Erie, PA with solar panels typically sell for more than similar homes without them. There’s an increasing demand among buyers for sustainable living options that minimize their environmental impact. Interested in boosting your home’s value while embracing a greener lifestyle? Let’s explore the possibilities!