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Our Material

Sunwise works exclusively with the top solar panel, solar inverter, and storage manufacturers in the industry and specifies components based on your project and location. Our solar systems boost industry-leading production and manufacturer warranties.




Sunwise is a certified solar installer in New Jersey. Sunwise holds various solar and manufacturer certifications in other states that acknowledge the experience and the know how our engineers and technicians. We are certified to install, maintain, and monitor the top Tier 1 inverter brands, panels, and batteries.



Sunwise is home to individuals determined to leave a mark on our future by helping our communities live better. The training and customer service standards are carefully implemented to guarantee the utmost experience and results to the homeowners trusting us with their investment.

Solar Installation

Sunwise combines great talent and technology to bring the most value to your property. Our equipment and workmanship warranty enable you to enjoy a worry free investment. Our installation team has one goal: your satisfaction.