Faster Solar Installation

Sunwise is a vertically integrated solar energy installation company. Our end-to-end in-house services and digital customer experience makes us work faster with higher quality standards to maximize your returns on investment. From contract and design, through approvals and installation, until inspection and turn on, our skilled experts take care of it all!


Solar Installation

As an end-to-end solar energy installation company, Sunwise handles the entire process from inception to completion. Our teams of highly trained in-house consultants, experts, and engineers are dedicated to ensuring the success of your clean energy project.

Design &


Sunwise uses the best design tools to customize a solar system per your own needs and unique property configuration. Our engineers always work to optimize your savings, while caring for your aesthetic and complying with your local regulations.

Permits &


Dealing with the government during solar energy installation is nobody’s idea of a good time. Sunwise has got you covered and handles the permitting process for you. Our dedicated project coordinators are working around the clock to get all the necessary approvals for you to go solar.

In House


Sunwise consultants, engineers, and on-site solar technicians are trained in-house to follow the highest industry standards and to provide our clients with the utmost customer service values. Our experience and process are carefully developed and implemented with one goal in mind: your satisfaction, time, and money.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How does solar installation work? Sunwise Energy’s solar installation process involves a few key steps. Initially, our team assesses your property to determine its solar potential. Once a customized solar system design is created, we handle all of the permits and paperwork. The installation itself typically takes a few days, and after completion, your system is connected to the “grid,” allowing you to start generating clean, renewable energy!

  2. What financing options are available for solar installation? At Sunwise Energy, we understand that every homeowner has unique financial considerations. We offer various solar financing options, including loans and lease programs, to make solar installation affordable. Our team works closely with you to find the financing solution that best fits your budget and goals, ensuring that you can enjoy the benefits of solar energy without a significant upfront cost.

  3. What maintenance is required for a solar system? Our solar panel systems generally require minimal maintenance! Periodic inspections and cleaning, typically performed annually, help ensure optimal performance. We provide ongoing support, and our systems come with warranties to cover any unforeseen issues. Our team is committed to ensuring your solar investment continues to deliver reliable and efficient energy for years to come.

  4. How much can I save on my energy bills with solar? The amount that you save will depend on various factors, including your location (see if we provide solar installation near you), energy usage, and the size of the solar system. On average, homeowners can significantly reduce or eliminate their electricity bills. Sunwise provides a personalized estimate based on your specific home during the initial consultation so that you can make an informed decision.

  5. Is my home suitable for solar installation? Solar panels can be installed on most residential properties with adequate sunlight exposure. We will conduct a thorough site assessment to determine the viability of solar installation for your home. Our experts consider factors such as roof orientation, shading, and available space to design a system that maximizes energy production.

  6. How long does the solar installation process take? The timeline for solar installation varies depending on system size, local permitting, and weather conditions. Generally, the process, from initial consultation to system activation, takes a few weeks to a couple of months. 

  7. Can I sell excess energy back to the grid with a solar system? Yes, many regions offer net metering programs, allowing homeowners to feed excess solar energy back into the grid. Sunwise Energy helps you navigate the process of connecting to the grid and participating in these programs, potentially earning credits or compensation for the surplus energy your system generates.

  8. What happens during a power outage? While standard grid-tied solar systems may shut down during a power outage for safety reasons, we offer solutions such as battery storage. With a solar battery backup system, you can continue to power essential appliances even when the grid is down, providing peace of mind and additional energy security for your home.

  9. Are there tax incentives or rebates available for solar installation? Yes, there are often federal, state, and local incentives to encourage solar adoption. Sunwise Energy is well-versed in identifying and helping you take advantage of these incentives, which can significantly reduce the overall cost of your solar installation. We’ll help you through the application process to ensure you benefit from all available financial incentives.

  10. How long do solar panels last? Solar panels are designed to be durable. On average, solar panels can last 25 to 30 years or more. We use high-quality materials and offer warranties to provide you with confidence in the longevity and performance of your solar investment. Regular maintenance and monitoring further can help keep your system up and running for years to come.