Residential Solar Installation

There are many paths to energy independence. We will help you customize your residential solar installation to come out on top. We offer financing options to enable you to take advantage of tax incentives before it’s too late. Get solar for your home with no upfront investment!



The Inflation Reduction Act voted in 2022 extended and increased the ITC (Incentive Tax Credit), and introduced additional incentives for further improvements while going solar. There is also a way array of state and local incentives available to you.

Why Choose Sunwise Energy for Your Home Solar Panel Installation?

  1. Expertise and Experience: Sunwise Energy has a rich pool of knowledge and years of experience in the solar energy sector. Sunwise Energy has also trained and certified experts who take pride in understanding your energy needs and preferences to deliver flawless solar installations. As compiled in our past residential solar projects, Sunwise Energy is equal to any task assigned.
  2. Customized Solar Solutions: As you know, every home is different, so we provide personally designed solar energy rates appropriate for each property. Our solution is to analyze your home structure, home energy usage, and solar potential. Thus, we can design individual solar that will meet the most energy production and your utility bill savings.

Seamless Installation

Your solar panel installation will be easy, and smooth, and represent quality and efficiency in workmanship, from professional installers. We handle installation end-to-end, from permits to the final system check, making your switch to solar as easy as it can be.

Why Wait? Illuminate Your Home with Solar Energy Today!

Choosing Sunwise Energy for your home solar installation is choosing to partner with the number one leaders of in-home solar energy solutions. It is leading in quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction that will enable your journey in solar energy with us to be the smoothest, most rewarding, and most beneficial experience.

Get in touch with Sunwise Energy today for your free consultation to help you embark on a brighter, sustainable future. Let’s harness the sun—cut down your energy bills, increase the value of your house, and make the world a better place for generations to come. 

Transform your home with Sunwise Energy – where the future is bright, and the energy is green.