Sunwise partners with industry leading institutions to offer a wide array of financing options and customize every project to the expectation of each one. Our experts help you understand how to qualify and save the most money while meeting your future needs.

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More than 85% of Sunwise qualifying customers finance their solar energy system with no money down.

We offer a variety of financing options to meet your budget and savings goals, and can outline your system costs, monthly savings, loan payments, and 25-year environmental impact before you buy.


Solar loans are an amazing financing option for solar power systems. They allow you to go solar and own the system with no down payment at a lower cost than what you pay for electricity. Sunwise works for industry leading solar financing institutions to offer you piece of mind.



Third-party financing is a well-established and popular solar financing solution. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) and solar leases let you enjoy savings without the ownership and the maintenance of the system. Sunwise has selected top industry third party financing partners to guarantee your project’s success.