Financing for Solar Installation

$0 Down solar financing is exactly what it sounds like. Don’t take a cent out of your pocket to get started with solar energy. In most cases solar financing is just a bill swap to a lesser, fully predictable amount.


Solar Financing

Sunwise has partnered with industry-leading solar financing companies to offer you the best options available on the market. Solar ownership gives you the highest return on your investment and our experienced partners help you achieve energy independence.


Solar Leasing

Solar loans are typically low-interest because they are designed to help homeowners pay less than their current electric bills, with no upfront cost. These low rates for solar loans can also be attributed to government support and policies that incentivize the adoption of solar energy.

Solar for Businesses

Businesses are increasingly realizing the monetary benefits of installing commercial solar panels. With a payback period in the mid-single digits and a typical internal rate of return (IRR) exceeding 10%, most companies find that solar makes sense purely as a financial investment. Other intangible benefits can further improve the economics, such as employee recruiting and retention, customer attraction and loyalty, reputation in the community, and competitive differentiation.


Nonprofits are mission-driven organizations working to solve some of the greatest challenges facing society. Investing in renewable energy for non-profits can both align with and help an organization achieve its mission.

Benefits of Financing

$0 down solar installation offers several significant benefits for residential homeowners.

Financing allows individuals to overcome the initial upfront costs associated with solar panel installation. By spreading the expenses over a manageable payment plan, homeowners can access clean and sustainable energy without an immediate financial burden. This approach makes solar energy more accessible to a broader range of individuals, which helps more homeowners go solar.

Additionally, financing options often lead to long-term cost savings. While there is an initial investment, the lower monthly financing payments combined with the reduction in traditional utility bills result in cumulative financial benefits over time. Homeowners can have renewable energy without compromising their budget, and as utility costs continue to rise, the savings from solar power become greater.