Nonprofits are mission-driven organizations working to solve some of the greatest challenges facing society. Investing in renewable energy can both align with, and help an organization achieve, its mission.

Protect your


Going solar reduces your carbon footprint and is a $0 down investment with a positive cash flow from day one. It has an immediate impact on your bottom line. And that’s what we want most for the organizations that are the backbone of our communities – financial and environmental sustainability that allows you to concentrate on your mission.

No Money

Because they don’t qualify for tax credits, going solar as a nonprofit has been challenging historically. The Inflation Reduction Act has changed the game for nonprofits by creating a direct pay version of the solar Investment Tax Credit. They can now explore the same options than other businesses.


Operating Costs

Electricity is a major operating expense for most organizations. Solar panels let you produce your electricity for free, reducing operating costs so you can put more money back into your organization.