There are a few qualifying factors for saving money with Solar Panels. From sunlight, to your geographic location.

Do you get



Because solar panels produce energy from the amount of sunlight and UV rays that they make contact with, it is important that your home is not surrounded by massive trees. Most trees are small enough to not play a factor, but trees that are tall enough to cast a big shadow on your roof may need to be taken down. That is why we plant trees every time we install a system.6

Are you in a

blocked area?

Certain areas have too many solar installations already installed, and the electric company can block your area from installing more. This is why it’s important to act fast. There are many homeowners that want to go solar, but waited too long

Do you qualify for

our financing options?

These parameters depend on the financing option you’re looking into, and they vary quite a bit. But, your Sunwise consultant will help walk you through what would be the best option for you and your family.