Installation Process

Sunwise is a vertically integrated clean energy provider. Our end-to-end in-house services and digital customer experience makes us work faster with higher quality standards to maximize your returns on investment. From contract and design, through approvals and installation, until inspection and turn on, our skilled experts take care of it all!



Sunwise handles the entire process from inception to completion. Our teams of highly trained in-house consultants, experts, and engineers are dedicated to ensure the success of your clean energy project.

Design &


Sunwise uses the best design tools to customize a solar system per your own needs and unique property configuration. Our engineers always work to optimize your savings, while caring for your aesthetic and complying with your local regulations.

Permits &


Dealing with the government is nobody’s idea of a good time. Sunwise has got you covered and handles the permitting process for you. Our dedicated project coordinators are working around the clock to get all the necessary approvals for you to go solar.

In House


Sunwise consultants, engineering, technicians are trained in-house to follow the highest industry standards and to provide our clients with the utmost customer service values. Our experience and process are carefully developed and implemented with one goal in mind: your satisfaction.