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Discover how our premier solar inverters can save you money, increase your home value, and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Superior Efficiency

Sunwise solar inverters boost your system’s power output, maximizing energy conversion from panels to ensure top-notch efficiency and performance.

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Smart Monitoring

With Sunwise, gain immediate insights into your energy production through state-of-the-art monitoring technology, enabling effective system management and maintenance.

Solar Panael Installation

Green Energy

Optimize your solar energy usage with our high-efficiency inverters, reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier environment for future generations.



The Inflation Reduction Act voted in 2022 extended and increased the ITC (Incentive Tax Credit), and introduced additional incentives for converting your home to solar. There are also many state and local incentives available to you.

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Solar Inverter FAQs

A solar inverter converts the DC electricity generated by solar panels into AC electricity, which is used by most home appliances. It’s essential for integrating solar energy into your home power system.

The right inverter depends on your solar panel system’s size and configuration. Consider the inverter’s wattage capacity, efficiency rating, and compatibility with your solar setup.

Solar inverters don’t store energy themselves. They work with solar batteries that store excess energy for later use, ensuring a continuous power supply.

Yes, there are several types, including string inverters, microinverters, and hybrid inverters, each suited to different solar panel configurations and needs.

Most standard solar inverters will not provide power during an outage for safety reasons. However, some inverters, when combined with a battery system, can supply power during outages.

Solar inverters are designed to operate in a wide range of weather conditions. Extreme temperatures can affect efficiency, but quality inverters are built to minimize these effects.

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Efficient Conversion

Efficiently convert solar energy, maximizing sunlight use. Solar inverters enhance system effectiveness, for lower energy waste.

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Sustainable Energy

Maximize solar power with efficient inverters, reducing grid reliance and promoting eco-friendly living.

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Stable Energy Costs

Solar inverters ensure predictable bills, smoothing out energy production to avoid rate spikes.

Increase your ESG Standards

Reliable Supply

Solar inverters guarantee a steady power supply, keeping homes operational and secure during outages.

Endless Benefits

  1. Enhanced Safety: Modern solar inverters include safety features that protect against electrical imbalances, improving the overall safety of your solar energy system.

  2. Grid Independence: With a solar inverter, you can utilize solar energy more effectively, reducing reliance on the grid and increasing your energy independence.

  3. Support for Battery Storage: Inverters can work seamlessly with solar batteries, storing excess energy for use when sunlight is not available, ensuring a continuous power supply.

  4. Environmental Impact: Solar inverters play a crucial role in reducing carbon footprint by enabling efficient use of renewable solar energy, contributing to a cleaner environment.

America's Leading Solar Inverter Provider

Homes equipped with efficient solar inverters often achieve higher market values than those without. By choosing a reputable and experienced solar inverter provider like Sunwise, you ensure your investment in solar energy is well-protected and optimized for performance.